Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lithiio?
- See the about page.

Are files ever deleted?
- Uploads do not expire or get deleted (Unless you delete them yourself or its a virus / copyrighted material).

What is the maximum upload size per file?
- The space available on your account.

What information do you store? (Everything is listed here)
- Accounts: Steam ID, account creation date, your generated API key.
- File Uploads: Upload date + time, owner (Steam ID), SHA1 hash, original file name.

What do you do about viruses?
- Malware will be automatically removed within 24 hours (sometimes instantly).
- If you find something malicious that wasnt caught, please contact me and I will be happy to investigate.

What can I upload?
- Anything that is legal in the United States.

Can I share my API key?
- You may do so if you wish, but it isn't officially supported.

Can I pay to get more account space?
- An automated system is in the works for this.

I need something removed from Lithiio or need to ask you a question, how do I contact you?
- Contact me on Steam or via E-Mail.

How many files is Lithiio hosting right now?
- 77,577 files @ 61.28 GiB