About Lithiio

Lithiio (pronounced lith-ee-oh) is a very lightweight filesharing service that is used primarily with the screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool known as ShareX. Lithiio was first imagined and born in June of 2015 as a private tool I intended to just be used by friends. Very quickly did I realize people were searching for a reliable tool they could use to share files with their peers, and this led me to opening registration to the public (sometime in early July, 2016). Since the beginning I have worked on Lithiio during my free time, improving, fixing, adding, and removing the tools and features that makes this service what it is today.

Quick Facts:
- Within the ShareX UI, you can find Lithiio as a file uploader in the list of file uploaders.
- This services' primary domain is lithi.io and it's only official mirror domain is lithi.pw.

Looking for even more information? Check out the FAQ!